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Friday, May 13, 2011


Dominionstrategy calls this "the best card in the game." It isn't, because you can't trash yourself all the way to victory, and there are definitely other cards that can win you games all by themselves. Yes, Chapel is still good, and yeah, it probably is a must-buy.

Trashing your Coppers and Estates can significantly power up your deck early on; the most important concept in Dominion is managing one's card economy; every good card you draw is a shitty card you didn't draw. However, Chapel is only truly useful for getting rid of your beginning cards and any Curses you pick up. After that, it's a dead card, and I just fucking hate cards that stop being any good after a while (I'm looking directly at you, Sea Hag).

Technically you could use it to get rid of cards that you don't need late-game (maybe Silvers when you're loaded on Golds/Platinums, Potions when you've already got all ten Possessions, etc) but there are much better options for that; trash-for-benefit cards are far more common than I imagined they were going to be a few sets ago.

So, if you're in a game with Chapel, buy one. Just the one, and don't be afraid to use it, even if it means buying nothing for a turn; a thin deck is a happy deck*. Later on, see if you can get rid of the damn thing.

Rating: 4/5
The original king of trashing.

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