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Friday, May 13, 2011


If you're like me, you don't want Moat... but you probably need Moat. Especially in 3-4 player games, where the chance of attack doubles/triples.

There's a strange disappointment when you have Moat in your hand and nobody attacks you. Especially in person, there's that glorious "Fuck-You" moment when you reveal the blue bastard from your hand. Then it gets to your turn, and you're like... +2 Cards, golly gosh, how am I going to use them all...

Its primary competitor, Watchtower (link), isn't effective against ALL attacks, but certainly many, and the Reaction ability is useful on your own turn, too. And it's likely to let you draw more than Moat lets you draw.

Put simply, Moat can be important when it's an attack-heavy board and there's no other Reaction card and no Lighthouse. But even then, perhaps the best defense is a good offense.

Rating: 3/5
A solid card for the cost.

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