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Friday, May 13, 2011


I think I've purchased one Woodcutter, ever. Fuck, I hate this card.

It's not bad, it's just not good for much. Let's just forget about the +2 Coin and focus on the +1 Buy, which is the only reason you'd purchase this over a Silver.

You only need extra Buys when you have so much money that you are able to buy more than a Province/Colony. It doesn't matter if you have $500, if you only have one Buy, you might as well have $8/$11.

So you'd buy a Woodcutter if you're able to amass so much wealth every turn that you can buy several cards, but there is absolutely no other source of +Buy on the board. No Market, Festival, Council Room, Pawn, Bridge, Salvager, Wharf, Herbalist, Trade Route, Worker's Village, Goons, Grand Market, Hamlet, Horse Traders, or even the debatable sources from Baron, Tactician, Contraband, Princess (from Tournament), and City.

If you're getting all that money without any of these other cards on the board, you're a Dominion Grand Master.

Rating: 1/5
A sad, lonely card for desperate players.

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