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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Spy is still a pretty useful card. Only Familiar replaces itself in the same way (+1 Card, +1 Action), but Spy also helps you control your upcoming draws. A big Spy-chain can both mess up your opponents and provide you with a juicy hand to play with.

Spy also combos with several other attacks: Thief to find the opponent's big money, Swindler to find the opponent's Copper (or turn his Torturer into a Duchy), and Jester to find something you'd like to have. This covers one of Spy's main disadvantages; it doesn't do all that much to your opponent by itself.

So, a few Spies rarely hurt. I wouldn't buy ten of them; you still need an Action to cycle them out, and if you blow your last Action on a Smithy and draw three Spies, you'll be pretty disappointed.

Rating: 3/5
Gets more useful with each new set, and usually doesn't take up space in your hand.

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