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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Cards are tools. Their purpose is to help you win the game. I know you like drawing a bunch of money every turn, but you can't keep it for its own sake. Remember the real objective.

Remodel will turn your Gold into a Province, or your Platinum into a Colony. It's not always the right move, if it's early in the game and you're still putting your deck together, but you should consider it an attractive option, rather than a last resort.

Aside from that point, Remodel basically improves your control over your deck. The card you gain doesn't have to cost $2 more than the one you trashed; it can be any card below that cost, too. (This is in contrast to Upgrade, which has its own merits and flaws.)

You don't always think about Remodel being part of your deck when you're planning it, but I can tell you that I use it almost every time I draw it.

Rating: 4/5
Always helpful, sometimes critical.

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