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Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is still one of my favorite attacks. Goons, the current best card in the game (you heard it here first), is heavily based on this card. Militia just plain fucks your opponents; playing with a three-card hand is absolute torture (just ask the Torturer).

Militia absolutely shines when combined with Council Room (especially if you King's Court the Council Room... hang on, I have to adjust my pants). You and your opponents both draw a shitload of cards, and then they all get to discard down to 3. Of course, they get to pick the best 3 cards out of however many you let them draw, but at the same time you've got umpteen billion cards AND all of the Buys from Council Room. Glorious. (Imagine it with Goons*... oh god I messed myself)

The primary drawback to Militia: it says specifically "down to 3 cards" so playing multiples at once will only give you a bit more money and will not further punish your opponent (in contrast to Torturer, which chains very nicely).

Furthermore, it doesn't so much win you games as slow down your opponents. You won't have Militia as part of your +Actions/+Cards Machine (though it can spice the thing up if you've got Actions to spare).

Rating: 4/5
Potentially infuriating.

* oh hey, that's Combo #8!

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