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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Even a beginner intuitively understands the value of card-draw. This might have been the first Dominion card I ever bought, and I'm still buying it just as often in games today.

Smithy is one of my favorite cards in the set, even though it's really simple. It's not expensive, it combos well, it fits almost any strategy... there's nothing to dislike about it.


Nothing at all.


Okay, fine. What the fuck are they doing in that picture?

"Hey, Bob, I'm gonna start hammering the fuck out of this double-bucket, why don't you lean way over and put your hand in there for me. That's a lad."

Oh, wait, there's something in the old man's other hand, there. Is he chiseling something? Why? Is he bored of making things out of metal and now he's blacksmithing with fucking stone?

What's the leaning guy wearing? Does he always put a belt on over his bicep that goes behind his back? What is that for, besides making every movement more difficult?

Also he has the longest forearm in the history of forearms.

Christ al-fucking-mighty.

Rating: 3/5
The card draw is good, even if the card's drawing is awful.

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